About Us

Our community

We are a family oriented community complete with residential and commercial opportunities.

'Be loyal to your family and friends'

How we got started

We all started in Secondlife and moved on to different worlds. On our travels we met new people and we became all good friends. respecting each other and each others wishes. After our home grid closed we decided to start 'Orchid Heights community' in Digiworldz.

'Lets stick together'

Community info

Our community offers a place to build and have fun, interact and feel at home. The regions are situated near each other to give us this extra community feeling. 

'You are not alone'

Events at Orchid Heights

Themed Events

Of course there is loads of fun at Orchid Heights and our community members organise weekly events. Most of the events  at Orchid Heights are special and organised around a Theme. We invite life performers as well from time to time. You can visit our parties also when you aren't a Digiworldz Member. Copy and paste this url into your viewer map and teleport. login.digiworldz.com:8002:orchid heights. At our welcome centre you will find our event calendar.

Of course you can also have a look here :