Orchid Heights
Orchid Heights

Orchid Heights Community

Orchid Heights community is part of Digiworldz. Everyone can join our community. People can rent shops, land or buy regions within our community. 

Never feel alone, find your friends online, start relationships, share you knowledge, shop or explore Digiworldz Grid and our community regions. Join parties and pimp up your avatar. 

Be creative or just have fun with your friends. 

On this site we promote the lovely regions within our community.

Follow us at Social media or inworld. Join our 'Orchid Heights Community' group inworld and visit our welcome region 'Orchid Heights' 

to be informed about events and other activities, organised by our members for our friends  and friends to be .....  'YOU'.

About Us

Our community

We are a family oriented community complete with residential and commercial opportunities.

 'Be loyal to your family and friends'

How we got started

We all started in Secondlife and moved on to different worlds. On our travels we met new people and we became all good friends. respecting each other and each others wishes. After our home grid closed we decided to start 'Orchid Heights community' in Digiworldz.

'Lets stick together'

Community info

Our community offers a place to build and have fun, interact and feel at home. The regions are situated near each other to give us this extra community feeling. 

'You are not alone'

Our Regions at Orchid Heights Community


Main Region, owned by 4 Designers, Rique Giano, Midnite Noon, Dexter James and Dolly Dot. 

They have their main shops at this region.

Orchid Heights is our welcome region and will lead people the way within our 

community and to our community regions.

This region is Gloebit enabled.


A private region, owned by PattiSue Haefele and Buddy Aaron. Nice nature and lots of places to relax.


Tari Tari owns this region. A city , beach , hotel and shops will arise for people to enjoy.


Private region owned by Alaria Ferraris


Freebee Furniture Mall and lots more. A region to visit. Be sure you do not leave this region empty handed! 

Gloebit and Hypergrid enabled. Owned by Felicity Dove.


Private region owned by Cara Litissa.

A hideaway for Cara only.


Hellas ( greek for Athens ) is owned by Marsif Stormwind. When you visit this region you almost taste the greek souvlaki and feel the greek sea breeze.  'This and That' a shop filled with fashion is located at this region. This region is Podex enabled.


A gloebit enabled shopping region, with many shops. This region is breathing luxury and owned by Dave Gran. Club equipment  you will find at Gran Lightning by Dave Gran.


Two beautiful regions, build and owned by Kaishun Oleander. Feel the Italian passion and architecture.


Dollies male and female fashion.

Podex enabled for the DigiWorldz citizens only.  For Gloebit users DOLLIES can be found at the region: 'Orchid Heights'


Shopping region, Podex enabled, for fashion and garden. Still under construction. Owned by Alaria Ferraris.


Region where our community members can build and upload. People need to be part of our community to be able to rez on this region. 12 hour return. 


Art in its purest form. The 'WOOW' effect you get on this region. Owned by Kaishun Oleander.


If you like shopping

At Orchid Heights regions we offer

Gloebit and Podex coins. 

Are you in for more?

An account is free

We invite you over to have fun with us and creating an account is FREE.

Uploading and creating groups are also FREE!

Be a region owner

You can directly lease from Digiworldz, but we also offer regions against fair prices  within our community. Contact us for more info about the community region prices..

Contact Us

Questions about us or leasing a region? Send us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Better yet, see us in person!

Create an account or visit us using Hypergrid 

login.digiworldz.com:8002:Orchid Heights

copy and paste this URL into your map inworld and hit Teleport

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